Why the future of Australian cricket is being undermined

Australian captain Steve Smith echoed predecessors by declaring his new-look side, which will take on New Zealand and West Indies this summer, is an ongoing part of a process of ‘generational change’.

But when will the change cease?

Ever since the mass exodus of Australian greats such as Langer, Hayden, Ponting, Hussey and Gilchrist, there’s been a continuous churn through players, old and new.

It seems Australian cricket is stuck in a cycle in which no one is safe.

Selectors attempt to pick the squad most likely to return instant results, but far too often ageing veterans dominate the list.

Our hunger for on-field success over the past ten years has undermined the future of Australian cricket.

Smith pointed to the ‘new-look’ side as being one to take it to New Zealand in the upcoming Test series, but didn’t address the big issue:

Why the constant change?

“It’s a pretty new-look side at the moment and I guess a generational change in Australian cricket,” he said.

“Obviously we’ve got a new captain and a new vice-captain and some players that are quite new to the squad.

“We’re going to have to work hard and try and get the right mix of guys in the squad to do well throughout this summer, and in the future as well.”

It is evident this ‘generational change’ will continue to transition itself within this new squad with the inclusion of five players over the age of 30.

It looks like it will be the same old story. These thirty-plus year olds have finally got a crack on the big stage; they’ll hover for a few years, retire and Australian cricket will again be addressing the need for a new generation.

Smith says despite this ever-present cycle, the side that didn’t travel to Bangladesh is still likely to see more change.

“Look it was a new team with some new players and we were all really looking forward to getting over there and playing,” he said.

“I’m sure they’ll still be in the frame. I think it’s completely different conditions to what we were going to face over there in the sub-continent.

“We’re going to have to weigh that up and see what the best side is to win the first Test match at the GABBA (against New Zealand).”

But that still leaves us with the question: does generational change for this team ever end?

Link to published article: http://www.sportingnews.com/au/league/news/why-the-future-of-australian-cricket-is-being-undermined/19cwo3bkkxkgh14lkxoiri151r

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