Terry McFlynn Appointed To New Role At Sydney FC

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Sydney FC veteran and club stalwart Terry McFlynn has been appointed to a senior role at the club following retirement from his playing career.

After nine seasons as a player, incumbent coach Graham Arnold has charged McFlynn with creating a high performance environment at the embattled club.

McFlynn seems to be the perfect fit in addressing the problematic culture at Sydney FC, with the Northern Irishman one of the most respected figures at the club.

However, it is not only his presence that contributes to his unveiling in the role, but his recent completed Masters Degree at Sydney University, specialising in creating a high performance culture within sports clubs.

While Sydney FC is excited to keep McFlynn involved in the club, it is more the affect that they have had on him at a personal level that prevented the veteran from leaving his footballing “home”.

It began with a moving act by the Sydney FC’s ‘Cove’ (Sydney’s largest supporter group) which hit home personally for McFlynn. After it was announced that McFlynn’s Aunty and Uncle had passed away, the ‘Cove’ unveiled a banner of support in what was an emotional time for McFlynn, emphasized by being in a new, unearthed environment.

The banner read “Terry in times of need the Cove is with you.”

McFlynn was very close with his Uncle, the man who introduced him to the game he loves. It was this moment that left a mark on McFlynn and his career at Sydney FC, and can be thanked for his continued relationship with the club.

“My own personal choice of career had staggered a little bit and Sydney gave me a lifeline,” McFlynn said.

“That night, when we played Central Coast, when my Uncle and Aunt had passed away, the Cove unveiled a banner that said “Terry in times of need the Cove is with you,

“I think from that moment on I knew that this was home for me.”

McFlynn’s reverence at Sydney and his humble character are the foundation that Sydney FC will look to build into their younger players, and what better mentor is there than the man himself.

Coach Arnold and Sydney FC CEO Tony Pignata have identified McFlynn as the perfect building block to address their exposed weakness of initiating a poor club culture. McFlynn’s involvement with athletes at a younger age will play a prominent factor in their plans to create a no-excuse environment.

McFlynn honours his Uncle as the man who instilled the qualities he holds so dear into his personal character.

“I’ll be entirely indebted to my uncle Mark back in Ireland,” McFlynn said.

“I think a lot of the values that I hold dear to myself in terms of loyalty and integrity and willingness to help other people is down to him.”

“That sort of rubbed off on me and it’s kept up with me all the way through. I’ve tried to help anyone as much I can along the way at Sydney FC, and I’d like to thank anyone I’ve come into contact with or worked with at.”

McFlynn should rightly be heralded as a Sydney FC legend, with the veteran experiencing nine seasons at the tumultuous club. The respected figure now has the opportunity to add his array of experience to a different kind of role.


Sam Alexander

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