Marrickville Economic Development Unit Set To Increase Stability

Marrickville is set for local business stimulation following the production of the Council’s Economic Development Unit, aiming to significantly increase productivity and growth by 2021.

The notion of uncertain economic strength within Australia has come under the spotlight in recent years following the global financial crisis.

Marrickville’s plan aims to counter-act this instability by addressing the need to create and develop future financial growth and employment stability, idealised through the injection of funds into small businesses . It is centred on creating a strong business culture within Marrickville.

Economic Development Manager Duncan Gilchrist said the project is an exciting prospect and is the driving force behind a brighter economic future for the Marrickville community.

“It was set-up basically about four years ago and it’s to work with existing businesses to ensure that they stay stable and to work with new and start-up businesses.” Gilchrist said.

“Today we’ve got a small business stall on Marrickville road that’s basically there for anyone who wants to half a half hour, 45 minute talk to a business adviser, they can get that free of charge and that’ll be there all day.”

Marrickville council states that “in 2021, Marrickville’s businesses are confident, thriving and responsive to the needs of the local community. Its industrial areas are revitalised and remain an important part of the local economy, while high tech, creative and eco enterprises prevail.”

“We also run business awards which are designed to get our local businesses to network better.” Gilchrist said.

“We’ve got a thriving food cluster which the state government actually use us as a bit of a benchmark when they’re looking at how to develop a food cluster.”

Through actions such as promoting Marrickville for business attraction and investment, targeting growth industry sectors, identifying future infrastructure needs to support employment growth and engaging with business and the community on economic development issues, Marrickville Council’s vision of future stability is one that could advocate an approach in which other councils could adopt.

Sam Alexander

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