My Time at The Telegraph

My time at The Daily Telegraph cannot be correctly described as to represent how much of an amazing an experience it really was. In what was an amazing, eye-opening, invaluable opportunity, I give my never-ending thanks to Verity and the Telegraph’s very own Josh Massoud.

Beginning on Monday (21/04/14) I was amazed at the initiative I was allowed to take, in that you really did your own work – you had to make the effort.

The Telegraph blessed me with some of the most incredible opportunities I never saw myself experiencing. In allowing me to independently attend media conferences, go to games and access change rooms after the match, interview players and coaches, make phone calls to sources and use the information to create my own articles, it has helped me grow as a person and student.

Creating my own story ideas using independent research was amazing in itself, but the publishing of these stories in the paper, with my name printed above absolutely blew me away. The sense of accomplishment that I have so rarely felt at an academic level will not be forgotten.

Finally, my formal thanks to The Daily Telegraph. I cannot describe how much I appreciate their provision of such an opportunity.

Sam Alexander

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